Saturday, October 1, 2016

ZWAG Box (About Time) Review

Today I am going to be taking you on a journey. This is the story of how one boy got to have the best day of his life! This little boy is known as Tommy. Tommy loved everything super, Science and Time.

One morning, Tommy heard a mysterious knock on his door and when he opened it, there was only a letter that said: "Come to the park, there is something very special for you there. When he got there he found two pins. Each pin appeared to look like a phone with a small picture on it. The picture was of his favorite YouTuber Markiplier. He was very happy because he loved Markiplier and he was very impressed by how detailed it was even though it was so small. One of the pins was black and the other one was silver. He was very happy about this and loved it so much!

After that he was on his way home and he stopped. He saw a table with what appeared to be some kind of coaster. He went up to it and there was a sign on it with the words: "This is for you Tommy." After reading the letter, Tommy looked at the Coaster to see it was a Star Trek coaster. He was very happy about this and he noticed it was from the movie Star Trek "The Cage" and it looked like the art work from a movie. It had all the different people from the Starship on it and Tommy really liked that. The color Scheme was also very cool and very well done.

He continued home until he came across a clothing store that had a shirt from his favorite game Civilization VI. He just had to have it! Tommy was going buy the shirt but then the store owner walked up to him and said he could have it for free. The shirt was white with a picture of a man holding up a stone. The picture was grey and underneath the picture were the words: "Build. Conquer. Inspire." This was a very cool shirt and he was really happy he got it.

It was around six when he got home. He decided to start watching his favorite show "The Flash." He loved this show and very happy that they had a new episode on that night. Soon after, his parents got home and gave Tommy a gift. To his surprise, they got him a Captain Cold Figurine and he was so excited! It even had a gun, changeable hands and it looked cool. The figurine was very detailed and so was the gun!

Before bed, he read his new comic book his parents got him as well. It was a Markiplier Comic! Tommy was very happy about this and he read the comic for hours.

Little did he know, all the things he got were from the ZWAG box and his parents placed the items everywhere because they knew how happy he would be about getting them.

That is all for this review of the ZWAG Box (About Time Theme)! I wanted to do something different with this review so I turned it into a  little story for all of you to enjoy. If you would like for me to do this again, let me know. I will be reviewing the comic either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

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I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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