Saturday, November 26, 2016

Japanese culture Holidays

Today we are going to be learning more about the Japanese culture. I am going to share some more interesting facts with you about Japan. I love Japanese products and just Japan in natural so I researched Japanese facts/Japanese culture and I want to share some interesting facts with you. Since it is around that time of year again where we celebrate the holidays. Every place has it's own traditions and do different things on these days. I am going to share the Japanese Holidays and Traditions I learned about.

In America we have a holiday known as New Years which is where we celebrate the first day of the new year. Did you know that Japan does the same thing? New Years, also known as shogatsu or oshogatsu, is one of the most important holidays in Japan. Businesses close from January 1-January 3 so families can spend these days together. Japan has Bonenkai parties which are held as a way for people to leave behind the old year's worries and troubles. On New Year's Eve, they usually eat soba noodles which symbolize longevity. They also watch the J-Pop Artists in the show known as "kohaku uta gassen." On January 1, the people of Japan start the day by watching the sun rise. Afterwards, the rest of the day is suppose to be free of all hate and anger. 

Japan also celebrates Labor Thanksgiving day on November 23rd unless it falls on a Sunday then they celebrate it on a Monday. On this day, Festivals and events are held like the Nagano Labor Festival. This event encourages thinking about the environment, peace and human rights. Labor Thanksgiving Day was known as cereals harvest festival where the people of Japan would harvest the rice, wheat and other crops along those lines. The modern holiday was established after World War 2.

The last holiday we will discuss today is the Emperor's Birthday. This day is celebrated on December 23rd and it is also known as 'Tennou Tanjyobi'. This day celebrates the Emperor's Birthday and if there is a new Emperor then the holiday changes to the day the new Emperor was born. On this day a public ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace. The gates get opened to the public where the Emperor, accompanied by family acknowledge the congratulations from the crowd. The crowd waves small white flags to say congratulations and the Emperor and the royal family wave back.

That is all for now and I will have more in the future. Let me know what you think of this.
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