Monday, December 5, 2016

Dweebox Subscription Box (Deadpool Theme) December 2016 review

Today we are going to be diving into the Dweebox for December 2016. This is a subscription box that sends you cool items from your favorite movies, TV shows and possibly games. I was sent this box to review for free but it originally costs $34.99 and there is one on there for $39.99. I chose Deadpool but you can also get Captain American themed or Guardians of the Galaxy as of right now. Let's get into the review.

The first item in this box is the Deadpool Shirt which looks like the torso part of his costume. The shirt has a really cool look to it and it also very soft and comfortable. This shirt is also very detailed. I love getting shirts and this shirt is one of those smooth type materials that I really like. I think it is Nylon.

Next we have the a Deadpool Bobble Head. I like bobble heads and I like Deadpool so I love this. There is a lot of detail within this bobble head. The costume looks great and he is holding guns which is also great. There is also a stand for you to stick him on and he sits on there perfectly. The box also looks really cool also. There is a lot of detail in the box as well as the figure itself.

The third item we got is the Deadpool Marvel Comics Wallet. Have you even wanted to carry your money around in style? Well, now you can. This wallet is really cool, there are different slots for your bills and your cards and also your change. On the outside of the wallet, you have Deadpool's face and he is giving thumbs up and there is also the Deadpool logo.

One of the final items we have is the Deadpool Key Chain. This is the little cartoon version of Deadpool and his costume is black and grey. This key chain is very cool because usually you can only find red Deadpool items. This key chain is made out of rubber and there is a lot of detail in it. Some parts of this were embed and others were extruded to give it a 3 Dimensional look.

The last item in this Dweebox is the E.T.E.R.N.A.L Warrior comic from 1992. I love old comics and I am very happy they added this in. I was not expecting a comic let alone one in almost perfect condition so this is really cool.

Click the link to check out the website: Also check out their Facebook Page:

I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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