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Global Retro December 2016

I have been made a monthly reviewer for the Gobal Retro Box. This company is a subscription service for foreign snacks and also Retro snacks and other things. Now they only have The Retro Box but there is a twist because not only is it a Retro Box, it is a Global Retro Box. This means you get stuff from the past along with some exotic things from different countries. No two boxes are a like so you get totally different stuff than everyone else. If you enjoy then I will have the links and other information at the end of this review. Without further a do, lets get right into this. 

The fist item is the Cold Stone Candy Cone Creations Carmel Crave. These are small little Ice cream cones with a cream center and chocolate around the cream. This is not bad but your can't taste the center cream. This treat is very chocolaty and it is milk chocolate. The milk chocolate sort of melts in your mouth and the cone tastes like an Ice Cream Cone.

Next we have Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy. This is Cotton Candy which is in a bag. It's cotton candy so it's good. The only problem I have is why do they have to say it is Gluten Free and Peanut Free. Cotton is just sugar, why do they have to say that?! Anyway it has good flavor and it is good.

The next item is some sort of chip snack from Korea and they start of sweet and then become very spicy. They are alright I can't really tell what they taste like though.

There is also a Milk Chocolate flavored Pretzel Bar from Palmer. It's good, it is just a chocolate bar with pretzels in it. You have the chocolate then the pretzels add a good salty flavor to the chocolate. If you like chocolate covered pretzels then you would like this.
There were also two Zero bars which I can't eat because they make me sick.

We also have gotten the RIPS Rippin' Reds licorice candy. These are sweet and sour licorice candy strips. These things are really good and there are different flavors to them. Some of the flavors are better than the others but over all I like these.

There is also the Nestle Caramac white chocolate bar. This thing does taste that bad. If you like white chocolate than you will like this.

One of the last few items in this box is the Necco Chocolate Wafers. I remember eating these as a kind and I love them! They taste exactly how you think they would: chocolate.  

We also have some more Loca Cola candies which if you want to know what these are like then watch my video review. (Link at end of review)

In addition to these we also have ICEE Squeeze Candy Cherry Flavor. This is like a syrup type snack. It is really good and tastes like cherry but it is also very sour and sticky.

Next we have some Wine Gummies which look like tiny Life Savers. I am a fan of these. they are straight nasty.

One of the last four items we have is the Vanilla Turkish Taffy. This is different you cant bite it so you suck on it and it melts in your mouth. It has a weird flavor to it, it tastes like Vanilla but at the same time it don't.

There are also some smoothie peanut butter cups which were open so I'm not going eat them.

We also have Good & Plenty Licorice Candy which is just Licorice with a candy coating. Why does it have to be black licorice. I don't like these at all. 

The last edible item we have is the Bit O Honey which does not taste like Honey but it is still good. This snack sort of tastes like caramel in a way.

You also get some coins, a cd and trading cards. You can get some trading cards from movies and Baseball and super heros. The Coins are from different countries which is really cool. I cannot read where these coins are from but they are still cool. The cards are Iron Fist, Easy Cuss Words, Captain Marvel, Go Bums and Tony Stargell from the Jets in 1990.

You also get some pretty cool comics. You get four Comics which include Elf Quest (final issue), Elf Quest 27, Fallen Angels #5 in an eight-issue limited series, The Adventures of The Thing vs The Original Ghost Rider #2 in a Four Issue Series. These comics are really cool, are in perfect condition but the plastic covers are ripped but nothing too bad.

That is all for this review! This box is a really great box, if you like candy and collecting things then you will love this box.

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I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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