Sunday, March 19, 2017

Interview with Lissi Music

So, I've decided to start doing interviews again after I don't how long and today, I had an amazing opportunity to interview Lissi from Lissi music. This girl is an amazing person who is from Austria, Europe. She started singing when she was only 11 years old and the main reason she started YouTube was so she could share her voice and her own songs with the world. Now she is 23 and blows the world away with her voice.

Lissi said she started singing because it just came out of her mouth without thinking. She makes videos so people can hear her voice and also so they can see her face because people like to see the face behind the voice. It was not hard for her to start YouTube and she said her family always support her with every video. Lissi went on by saying she would love to do YouTube and music as a living and her inspiration for this were many YouTubers and Ed Sheeran. Other than music, she loves her dogs, writing and watching TV.

The first song she recorded was her own song called "About to trust" which is not on her channel But the first song she ever sang was "Sorry" by Tracey Chapman. Which is a wonderful song. The best advice she was ever given was to use reverb on her voice. 

Lissi also said her one sister is a great singer and would love to make a video with her but she does not think her sister would like to record one. 

Lissi loves to write her own music and she said her best song was "Too good to be true" which sadly is not on her channel. The worst song is one that she just played with the E string of the guitar.

 When I asked her what her style of music is, she said "My style of music would be: Acoustic Rock, Rock, Pop. Pop-Rock, Indie." She likes Dub-step music back cannot make it. Lissi does not like the song  "You raise me up" by Westlife. 

The instruments Lissi enjoys playing include: guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, keyboard. She listens to all kinds of music and she doesn't have any genre that she doesn't like.

I also asked her to explain herself in three words and she said those three words would be: lovely, dizzy and sensitive. 

She realized she wanted to sing when she was eleven and her sister had a guitar in her hands. She would like to share the following with you guys: "Just as said/written, always be yourself and take critic to be a better version of yourself."

That is all I have for today. I wanna give a special thanks to Lissi for letting my interview her. Go check out her channel: Have a wonderful day. 

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