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J-List J-Box Snack DX Subscription box April 2017 Review

How's it going everyone, Tommy from Tommy's blog back with another review. This is my review of the J-Box Snack Box DX from J-List for April 2017. Now I was sent this in March which is really cool and I really appreciate that. All J-Box info will be at the end of the review so you can check out this box after reading my review. Enough of that, you want to know if this box is actually good or not right? And you want to know if the snacks are worth what you pay correct? Alright then, let's get into this review.

The first item we are going to be looking at is the UHA Puccho Ball Ponkan Flavor. (Ponkan is also known as Japanese Honey Orange. These little things bounce like bouncy balls and they have a very weird texture to them. The outside is very strong with orange flavor and they bubble in your mouth like they are carbonated. It is so weird, after you get past the fizzy part, there is a hard part and then something in the middle. At one point, I did taste Honey but I don't know when. I like this snack but it is so weird. I am going to rate this an 8/10.

Next we have some Lotte Koala Bear Cookies with a Custard pudding center. Now, the cookie part has a similar taste to coffee but it is a very light. The filling is very good. It is soft, melts in your mouth and tastes like vanilla. Also, these cookies have a lot of filling in them for them being so small. They also have little pictures of Koala Bears on them which is so cute. I am going to rate these a 6.5/10.

The next snack we have are the Koikeya Pride Potato Chips. These chips are very light compared to American chips. They taste like how you would think chips taste like only a little better. There is also a little bit of sweetness going on in these chips. They are not that salty as well. I would rate these a 7.1/10.

The next snack in this box is the Dorachoko Mini Dorayaki Filling w/ Chocolate Souce. These things look like little Hamburgers. There is a very weird smell coming from these. They smell like a sweet cookie. So when I put this in my mouth, I tasted Hot Chocolate and cake. They were not bad at all. These things have very good flavor, they are very soft and moist and the flavors go together very well. I am going to give these a 7.6/10.

Next we have some Sour Plum Doritos. Now before I tasted these, I was thinking why? How would this be a good flavor? They do not smell or look bad. You can definitly taste the Sour and the Plum flavors and wow they are strong! I mean these things are extremely sour. If you like the flavor of plum, then you will love these. I am going to rate these a 2.5/10.  They are just not for me.

Also included in this box, we have Tirol Green Tea Mohci Chocolate. These come individually wrapped and taste really good. These is a strong green tea flavor in these and they melt in your mouth. There is also a gummy center which has a very odd texture but it still tastes good. I am going to rate these a 7.6/10.

The second green tea snack we have are the Morinaga Green Tea Chocolates. These things are very small and weird looking. They are little tiny sticks with bumps on them. They have a very strong green tea smell and flavor. I could also taste milk... These get a 8/10

Next we have some Pocky Vanilla flavored. I love Pocky and I always have. Pocky is a snack where you take biscuit sticks and dip them in some kind of coating. These ones have a vanilla coating. The coating is very creamy and it almost tastes like a milk shake. I really enjoy these, the biscuit stick and coating go great together and they are all around amazing. 10/10

April's box also included some Soda and Cola Morinaga Hi-Chew. The soda flavor is very fizzy and chewy. There is not much flavor in that one but the cola one tastes like how cola would and it is amazing! These get a 9/10.

The next item in this box is the Butter Cookie Kit Kats! I love Kit Kats. They look like Kit Kats but there is no smell. They're not bad. They actually taste like cookies! There also was a hint of white chocolate as well.

One of the last six items we have today is the Umaibo Cheese Flavor. Now I have had these in the past and they are sort of a hit or miss. This one is a big hit! It tastes like the cheese puffs you can buy at the store! It tastes exactly like those and it is amazing! This gets a 10/10

You also get a pair of glasses which are sort of like those 3-D glasses from back in the day but not 3-D They have eyes on them which make you look really funny.

There is also a Kracie Poopin Cookin Happy Festival DIY kit which I will do a video on if you want me to.

There are also some Toppo After School Strawberry Biscuit sticks. These are a lot like Pocky only the cream is inside the sticks. Right as soon as you open the bag, you can smell the strawberry. Surprisingly enough though, there is not too much strawberry flavor in these. They are good but the biscuit sticks over power the cream. These get a 5/10.

Included in this box is the Torobee Kombu. So these things, are thin, small, black and rubbery. There is a very weird flavor I cannot explain and also they are hard to chew let alone even bite into. These get a 1/10.

Second to last item is the Lotte Fit's Apple Pie Gum. This sounds amazing! Right away, it smells like apples. I taste apples and cinnamon along with something else that I cannot seem to know what it is. This gum is very soft and breath refreshing along with good flavor. 10/10

Now for the final item, the drink! If you sign up for the Snack DX box then you can get a drink each month. In this J-Box, I got a Coca Cola in Sakura Bottle. This is Japan Limited so it is really cool I got this. The bottle has a lot of flowers on it and it metal. The colors consist of white, pink and red. The soda inside, just tastes like Coca Cola which still tastes really good. I really like this and will give it a 10/10.

You also get some napkins in this months box which has their logo on the package which is really cool as well.

Over all, this is the best Japanese Snack Box I have ever received. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Comment down below if you want me to do a video on that DIY kit!

You can get a Snack DX J-Box for $29 + Shipping and there are also other subscription options as well. Click here to get yours: Also, I believe they have an 18+ store for adults.

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