Sunday, March 5, 2017

John's Crazy Socks Mark and John Interview

Today I had the amazing honor to do an interview with Mark and John from the company John's Crazy Socks! Now this is a father and son company that started in December of 2016. John was in his last year of high school trying to figure out what he wanted to do. He some ideas about going to college, opening a food truck and some other ideas but John kept saying he wanted to go into business with his dad.

John had ideas about a fun store, opening a food truck and some other ideas but he kept talking to his dad about his crazy socks. John has been wearing crazy socks forever and he suggested that his dad and him open a sock store. So they had the idea to open a sock store.

After they worked out the logo and the legal stuff, they opened on December 9th, 2016. After that, they came up with some videos about John and his socks. These videos went viral. The first video got 30,000 views and John's Crazy Socks has been growing ever since.

With the company, John and Mark do 3 things: 1. They get amazing socks and when they opened, they had 31 different styles of socks but today, they have around 700 styles. 2. They offer fast and personal service. If you order a pair of socks, you a personalized hand written letter from John and a bag of candy! Also if you are local to their area of Long Island, New York then they deliver the socks in person and if live outside of their area then they make sure you get the socks in 1-3 days USPS delivery. 3. They give back. They donate 5% of what they make to Special Olympics. They also have a few pairs of charity socks. They have Down Syndrome socks (which John helped create) which they donate 2 dollars: 1 dollar to ACBS a local organization and They also give 1 dollar to the National Down Syndrome Society. They also have socks coming out for Autism awareness where they will donate 2 dollars to 2 different charities. There is also a Blue Whale sock which 1 dollar of every sale of those goes to the Wellington Museum.

Mark and John hire people with disabilities to show that no what problems you have, you can still be productive.

They said it was not that hard to start out, they first found out what their mission was and that was to make people happy. One challenge they had was finding people who could supply them with socks. Another challenge they faced was that they had more business than they thought they would when they started out. They even ended up running out of inventory.

John and Mark had help from their family as well as other people who worked with them.

I asked them if they were given some of their socks and they said they buy everything themselves and then sell the socks by the price given to them by the manufacturer.

As of today, the John's Crazy Socks company have sold over 2,000 orders of socks in just 3 months!

For an end goal, Mark wants their company to be the worlds largest sock company and John wants to be featured on The Ellen Show! Between you and me, I really believe he will do that some day.

If you want to check out John's Crazy Socks, click this link: Hope you enjoyed the post on my interview with John and Mark! Have a wonderful day!

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