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Ki11er Six Interview

Ki11er Six is 41 year old man who makes videos on YouTube. He makes gaming videos primarily on Borderlands 2. He has a little over 100,000 subscribers. Ki11er Six allowed me ask him some that he answered for me to share with you guys.

He started making videos around 36 years of age around the same time Borderlands 2 was first released. Now he posts videos on the Borderlands games franchise and Overwatch Competitive. He says he really has fun playing and recording those games.

The first time he made a video was with K6 Junior (who is his son I believe) and they recorded themselves riding down their drive way in Big Wheels known as Driveway Rallies. This gave him the confidence to edit videos. Ki11er Six then went an watched a video on glitching on Borderlands 2. The person who recorded the video did a bad job explaining it so Ki11er Six did the glitch, explained it better and posted it on YouTube.

K6 does not do YouTube as a primary job but he said it does help out. His wife and K6 Junior support him and he said Junior always asks K6 when he is making videos and he also said his wife is the best.

His end goal with this channel was to help people which he said he already achieved. He also said he is really confident when posting videos because he has basically done everything in borderlands 2 and when he live streams, he figures it out as he goes.

The only regret K6 has with starting his channel is the privacy of his family. Which is why I could not interview him over Skype and I completely understand that and I am perfectly okay with that.

His best video he recorded is titled: "It's Always Sunny at the BNK-3R - Pearlescent World Drops!." which is because he did a really great job editing that one and it was a lot of fun. He also said one of his best videos: "Super Boll" where did color commentary over him killing a bunch of Bullymongs in Borderlands 2. Ki11er Six said his worst videos were some of his earlier videos when he was just starting out.

K6's hobbies other than YouTube include watching Netflix(I love Netflix too and wish they would sponsor me), hang out with family, comic books and play video games he does not record. He said at one point he worked as a letter professionally and he likes doing that in his free time sometimes.

Ki11er Six said if you want to make videos, he recommends you do it as a hobby and don't think your going to be the next Pewdiepie.

I then asked Ki11er Six if he thinks he is a success and he said he thinks he is successful but he does not think he reached the limit of his success due to the fact that there will be always be new games coming out and people will always need helpful videos.

K6 has made videos with MorninAfterKill(Who I really want to interview as well... wink wink), Joltzdude139(also want to interview) but he does not actively seek out collaborations.

The best advice he was ever given was to never go into to live thinking you are going to successful right off the bat. Which I agree, you can be successful but these things take time.

When people use to hate one his content, Ki11er Six use to get upset but now he does not care unless people say hateful stuff about his family. He said most of his viewers are really nice and post nice comments and those keep him going. He said if people are being hateful or rude, cut them out of your life completely. Killer Bee (his wife) said don't stoop down to their level and I agree 100 percent with them.

His favorite person to record with is Joltzdude and he said that he doesn't have a least favorite person.

He was very excited to hit 100,000 subscribers and he said he was so excited he stayed up almost all that night in fear he would miss watching it roll over.

That is all for this interview, a special thanks to Ki11er Six and his wife for recording the questions. Check out his channel here: Have a great day!

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