Friday, March 31, 2017

Never Give Up and Always Help Out!

Hey everyone! I wanna talk to you about something right now. I know that there are a lot of people who are confident in what they do and there are even more people who are not. Um, if you are one for those people who just want to give up and think you are worthless or cannot do anything right, listen up right now. You are NOT worthless and Never give up. There are people out there who are disabled or have mental problems or have Cancer or some other form of sickness. Those people are the most kind hearted, determined people you will ever meet! If you think don't think you are good at something, keep trying, keep getting better and someday you could be the best. I know you are good at something so just keep looking, eventually you will find your calling. I mean people have always told me that I will never get anywhere in life and there were people who wanted to pull the plug on me when I was born because they thought I would just suffer in life. My dad told them no and I am so grateful he did because look at me now! I am here getting to review stuff and talk to people I never thought I would ever even get to just say hi. You are great at something and you will become great someday! As a friend once told me: "If someone is saying bad stuff to you or hating on what you do, block them out of your life!" Ki11er Six said this and I strongly agree.

If there is someone who is doubting you, just think how great it will be to rub it in your face when you're the successful one and they are just over there doing nothing with their lives and either begging for food and money or stealing from people who earned their stuff. Oh and also, if you see someone who is homeless or who is not doing too well with money, help them out however you can. I mean, you should see the looks on some of the people who get help with just getting a hamburger or even just a bottle of water. Their faces light up and they get so happy. Don't you want to help someone out and just make their day great? I know I do. I love helping people out however I can and I don't care if I get anything in return.

Just remember: do not give up, keep trying and help people out. That is all.

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