Monday, March 27, 2017

Star Sailor Live my thoughts so far

Hey guys, how's it going? I wanted to share something I found on the internet with you. It is this thing here:

Now, this may look like some type of alien tech but it is actually a projector. This is not any ordinary projector though. No, this is the Star Sailor. The Star Sailor creates the perfect sleeping experience for you and also does some other neat things as well. This thing allows you to project the Milky Way, Northern Lights, Stars and more on your ceiling and wall. There are also built in lights and speakers to listen to the sounds of the wild. Now if you don't really care about that, you can also watch movies, keep up on social media and current events on the Star Sailor as well. The Star Sailor is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and you can control it all from your smart phone or tablet. 

Now this sounds really cool and it also seems like it has a really cool design as well. I would love this thing because I always have a hard time sleeping and I am not affraid to admit, I am scared of the dark so the light feature will help out a lot. Also, I love music and watching videos, I am just curious if you can watch Netflix or not because that would be really cool!

It is not for sale yet but they just reached their goal on INDIEGOGO and it will be released sometime in 2018 I think.

I will be getting one to review when they come out so stay tuned for that!

Check it out for yourself here or the banner on the side: 

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