Monday, March 13, 2017

The Stealth Shovel from DMOS Review

Today I am going to be reviewing a shovel. I was sent this shovel for free to test and share my thoughts with you guys. I know you may be thinking: "What's so special about a shovel?" Well, this is the Stealth Shovel. This is one of the best shovels I have ever used! This shovel is easy to store, light, durable and it comes in different colors! Let's go over some of the qualities of this shovel.

To start off, the Stealth Shovel not only shovels snow but it also breaks ice as well. The edge of the shovel head is sort of spiked and pointed to allow you to easily break hard, thick ice. I know this, because I've tried it already and it works. The shovel also works great for shoveling snow as well. Everyone knows when you use a shovel, you not only want to pick snow up but you also want to be able to transfer it out of the way. With this shovel, you can pick up a decent amount of snow and still be able to carry it easily without any snow falling out. Most shovels heads are curved but this shovel is like a box: the bottom is flat! Then the sides are slanted at an angle allowing you to pick up snow and transfer out of the way.

The handle can be adjusted to the length you want. You can adjust it so it is easier for you to hold/use.

This shovel is meant to last for a very long time. It is made out of aircraft quality aluminium alloy. A lot of shovels have the problem where they break or bend when you have too much snow. The Stealth Shovel however, does not have that problem. Believe me when I say this shovel is very durable. I tried everything I could to get this thing to bend but I couldn't!

Along with being durable, this shovel is also very light. You would think it would be heavy but it's not. That is because aluminium is a very strong but also light metal. A lot of products in the world are aluminium because it is very light but also very strong and durable. I'll be honest, I am not that strong but even with the shovel being full of snow, I did not have too much trouble lifting or carrying it.

Whenever you are done with the Stealth Shovel, you can fold up the handle for easy storage. Not only does the handle collapse but it also can be removed as well. You can remove the handle from the head of the shovel and slide it through the sides of the shovel head!

The Stealth Shovel can be yours for $99.00 and you can get it in different colors! You can choose between five different colors.

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