Monday, April 17, 2017

Conduit Headphones

I found something really cool I think you all will love! There is a new product coming out known as Conduit. These are earbuds that have some interesting features. With these earbuds, you have the option to listen using the in-ear earbuds or you can listen using the off-ear feature. This allows to listen to music and not have to hear any other noise as well as listen to music and be able to hear your surroundings as well. The off-ear feature uses bone conducting technology to allow you hear important stuff as well as hear the music.

The Conduit is going to be very light only weighing 42g. The frame is made out of titanium and is very flexible as well which is really cool. It includes a built in noise cancelling microphone and six hour battery life. It is also dust, rain and sweat resistant. It fits perfectly and has a wireless range of up to 30 meters. 

These earbuds are really cool and cost around $76. If you want to support them, click here: .

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