Monday, April 17, 2017

Jerky Stash Hoard Subscription Review!

Today we have another subscription box review! This is my review of the Jerky Stash Hoard Pack review. In the Hoard pack box, you get 8 types of jerky for $45. Each month has different jerky in it. This box includes all different types of jerky from all different companies! Also, it is not only beef jerky but some other jerky could be included as well.

The box itself is very well designed and packaged very well. It has a cool look to it as well.

The first pack of jerky is the True Jerky Korean BBQ Beef Jerky. It smells and tastes like BBQ. There is some sweetness along with a little bit of spice. The flavor is good and there is a lot of flavor to it. It is weird though because it goes from being very sweet to being spicy. This Jerky is soft and chewy and really good. It's not what you would expect but better. I like it!

The pack of jerky is from Steve's Paleogoods. It has a weird smell to it... There is no flavor to it at all and it is extremely hard to chew. I don't like it.

Next up we have the Country Archer Teriyaki Beef Jerky. The smell is amazing. You smell the teriyaki in it along with some sweetness and you can actually smell the beef. It's a little hard to chew, but that is fine because there is a lot of flavor and the more you chew, the more you enjoy it. I really like it!

We also got the Three Jerks Jerky. This is the Chipotle Adobo Sweet & Tangy Jerky. This Jerky has a kind of vegetable smell to it. It's not hard to chew but the flavor is nasty. I don't even know what that tastes like but it is not good. On top of that, there was not a lot of flavor to it.

The next Jerky comes from Bayou blend. This is the Original Blend Beef Jerky with smoke flavor added. This Jerky has a very strong and very pleasant smell to it. It smells really good! It tastes like beef with salt and pepper. You can taste the smokiness. The flavor starts off suble but gets stronger the more you chew it. It is not very hard to chew either. I really like this.

We also have some paleostix from Steve's Paleogoods. These are Uncured Spicy and Sweet Beef and Pork Sticks. They look really good. So these things smell good, the smell is not strong but it is a good smell. You can a little beef and little pork as well. They are very soft and the flavor is really good. There is a little beef and a little pork. There is some sweetness but not a lot of spice. These are very good and I really, really like them.

The last to items are called Epic Bars. One of these is Venison and one is Bison. I am going to tell you about the Venison first. It looks like a bar of deer meat and the Bison looks the same way. It smells like deer and is a little soft. The deer one is not bad, it tastes like deer meat and you can taste the salt(sea salt) and pepper but the salt and pepper do not over power it. The Bison smells a little sweeter and is darker than the deer. The Bison is really sweet and I mean really sweet. It had good flavor but that sweetness hits hard.

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