Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kings Worth Knives Real life CS:GO Knife Karambit

Today we are taking a look at a knife from Kings Worth Knives. They sell real life CS:GO karambit knives. The knife I was sent I could not find the name of it and I could not find the price. I don't think this one is for sale yet but will be soon.

This knife is blue and has a black handle. The blade has different shades of blue in the shape of triangles. The knife is real metal but just not sharpened. This means there is no blade on it. The handle is very comfortable and gives a good grip. The color is really cool and so is the pattern. There are no flaws in the knife and the paint job is very well done. It also comes with a cover for the blade which is also black. Some parts of the knife are a darker blue and some are a lighter blue.

All around this is a pretty good knife and it is really cool. I love the the colors and the design of it. If you are interested in getting a knife of your own click here:

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