Sunday, April 23, 2017

Liquid Caffeine Review

Today we are taking a look at something a little unusual. We are taking a look at something called Liquid Caffeine from Liquid Energy Inc. This product is exactly what you would think it would be, liquid caffeine. You add this stuff to a drink and it gives you more energy and keeps you awake when you need to be. Liquid Caffeine actually works, I tried it and it made me stay up all night. Now, this stuff will not give you a "sugar rush" because there is no sugar or anything like that, this pure energy. Also, it makes your focus better.

I was sent the regular and sweet 16oz bottles combo pack which costs $30.95 but is on sale right now for $21.95. There is a flavor difference in these and the regular tastes a lot better. The sweet one makes your drink a little too sweet and makes your tongue tingle. The regular kind just tastes like nothing which I liked. I can definitely say this stuff works and it does not  have any bad side effects.

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