Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Swords Knives and Daggers 3 Knife subscription service review Plus Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Today we are going to be taking a look at some products from Swords Knives and Daggers. This is a website that allows you to buy swords knives and daggers along with other products like brass knuckles, self defense items, stun guns and more! Their products are really nice and worth what you pay. Link at end of review

We are first going to be taking a look at the Knife Subscription Service. The first month is free (just pay shipping) and there are 2 options 1 knife and 3 knives. The 3 knife subscription costs $29.99 and the 1 knife subscription costs $7.99. I was sent the 3 knives one and the knives I got were really cool. 

The first knife I got was a Zombie Killer knife which was a green and black color and there were skulls on it. The black was just black with Zombie Killer on it and the handle was green and black with maze pattern on it. There were also skulls on the handle making it look really cool. 
The second knife had an old fancy sort of look to it. The handle has like a marble look to it and the metal parts have cool designs on them. The blade was silver and had black wavy stripes on it almost like zebra strips. This knife was hard to open because it was spring loaded but it was still really cool looking.

The third knife is one I was extremely happy to get because it was a Karambit! It was black and had some sort of design on part of the handle. This knife was very comfortable to hold and it was made very well. I love this knife and it is probably my favorite.

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