Friday, April 28, 2017

Tac Pack April 2017 Review

Today is a beautiful day and I wanna go out! But I got a new box to review and share with you guys! We are taking a look at something called the Tac Pack. This is a box that brings you different equipment for Tactical, Survival or EDC gear. If you are into outdoor activities or guns or stuff like that then this box is for you. This month's box includes some different products for you gun guys. Each month's box cost $49.95

The first item in this month's box is a set of Take down/Pivot Pins. There are two in this pack along with addition parts you need in order to use them. They are high quality pins made out of titanium. These are designed for your rifles. If you are a member of this box, you will know Tac Pack is the first to roll these out and send them to us. This is valued at $40

The second item in this box is something every gun owner should have. It is the ABKT Tactical Cleaning Kit. This Kit has all the stuff you need to make sure your guns are clean. There are different extensions, brushes and tips to clean all different types of guns. There are Brass Brushes, Mops, Iron rods, Scrubbing brush and more and it is all contained in a Nylon water resistant case with a MOLLE Strap. This kit has a value of $30.

The next few items are apart of the KeySmart EDC kit. You get a Stainless heat-treated nano-wrench and a micro sized roll of Gorilla Tape. This is good because you never know when you will need tape or a wrench when you are out hunting or camping and the best part is they fit in your ABKT Tactical Cleaning Kit or your pockets so you will have everything all together when you need something. These are valued at $26.

The final item in this month's box are the Splatter Targets. You get a pack of 6" Splatter Spots Targets. These targets are designed to leave a clear hole where the bullet went through so you can easily see where you hit without moving. This allows for easy adjustments in your aim to be made. The targets are valued at $8

Click here to get your May box which will include something from the company HexMag.

Hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!

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