Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Titus Audio Conductor Earbuds Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at some different products from Titus Audio. This company sells products like earbuds and speakers. I was sent the SOPRA earbuds, POWERBOOM 15 wireless speaker and the CONDUCTOR earbuds. These products are really good and work very well for the prices.

The first product I want go over are the Conductor Earbuds. These earbuds cost $69.99 and come in black or titanium. I would like to start by saying these earbuds look awesome! I love the design of them. The cord is flat which means they do not tangle which is really good especially when you are always putting them in your pocket like me. The Conductor Earbuds allow for the perfect fit. They are very comfortable and stay in your ears. If you don't like the ends of the earbuds, change them! There are a lot of different sized tips (including memory foam tips) allowing you to get the perfect fit and comfort.

Now as for the sound, it is amazing! The sound is crystal clear and also high quality as well. I really like how these sound. When using the Conductor earbuds, it is like entering a whole new world! These earbuds were made with Hybrid drivers allowing for premium balanced sound.

You can tell that these are good earbuds when you hear stuff in songs that you haven't heard with other audio products.

You also get a carrying case with these.

Click here if you are interested in getting a pair yourself.

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