Friday, May 5, 2017

Boldface Gear Backpack Review

Hey, I know I have not posted in a little while but today I have something new to share with you. Today we're taking a look at the Boldface Gear backpack. I know your wondering what is so special about backpack but this backpack is a little different than the ones you buy at the store. This one allows you to customize the look of it. What the company Boldface Gear did is they made it so you can put different front pieces on you backpack. You can make the front of the backpack have different music styles, surfing styles and you can even put your own custom image on it as well. The best part is: they stick on the backpack with Velcro. That means you are not stuck with just one design. 

The backpacks are a decent size and can hold a lot of stuff. The straps on the back are adjustable as with all backpacks. You can get yours starting at $49.99 on sale for a limited time. I really like these backpacks and the front faces are very well done. You can in the images, I was sent the Nirvana style and a Boldface custom front face with a beautiful beach. 

Click here for your own: There are also guitar bags as well with the same concept. 

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