Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Byron BTA Wireless Earbuds Review!

Hello everyone! Today we are taking a look at another product from Bererdynamic. Today we are looking the Byron BTA Wireless Earbuds which you can get for $199. These earbuds are expensive but they are also worth it because you are getting an amazing product. I am going share some of the greatest parts of these earbuds with you.

First I would like to note that the alone is really freaking cool. The earbuds themselves are even cooler though. I would honestly say these are some of the best wireless earbuds I've ever used before. The sound is amazing, they feel very good and the battery lasts a long time.

The sound in these earbuds is crystal clear and there is no static when having them up too high. I use these when playing my PS4/listening to music and the sound is extremely detailed. You can actually hear where the enemy is coming from and how far away they are from you. When listening to music, there is so much detail in the music you hear with these than with other earbuds.

These earbuds also feel really good in your ears and they are extremely comfortable. If you have the right sized ends on these, then you will know what I am talking about. Also, with a lot of other wireless earbuds, they always fall out of my ears, the volume control is too big or they are just not a good fit. But with the Byron BTA Earbuds, you do not have that problem. As long as you do not mess around with them, they will stay in your ears.

Lastly let's talk about the battery/charger. The battery lasts around 7.5-8 hours and it only takes 90 minutes to charge. Compared to other wireless earbuds, that is really good. Other earbuds take 2 hours to charge minimum and do not last as long as these do. Also, when charging these, there is no charging port. When charging the Bryon BTA Wireless Earbuds, you use the charging base. The charging base plugs into a usb port then the earbuds sit on the charging base to charge. To me, that is a really good feature by itself.

If you want more information or want to buy these, click this link: http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/byron-bta-black-silver.html.

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