Thursday, May 11, 2017

Volcanic Peppers Products Review!

Hey everyone! Today I found more spicy products to review and share with you. I had been sent products from Volcanic Peppers. They make different hot sauces, snacks, powders and more. I have been sent the Red Reaper Pretzels, Red Reaper Hot Sauce, Reaper Pepper Powder and the Olympus Mon Lava Hot Sauce. These products are suppose to be very hot but not extremely hot. I was told it depends on your heat tolerance. Without further a do let's do this!

We are going to start with the Red Reaper Pretzels. I am going to start by saying these things look like chocolate pretzels. There are no signs of peppers or any heat. You can really smell the heat on these though.  So they taste really good at first but then the heat kicks you in the face. Thankfully it does not stay around for too long but while it is there, wow! I would rate these a 7/10. They have good flavor, they are pretty spicy and the heat does not last long but it is long enough to make an impact. You could play a pretty mean prank on someone with these.

The next item is the Reaper Supper Hot Pepper Dust. So this stuff is in a little shaker container. The smell is very strong. I smell a lot of pepper and heat. Probably because that is what this is. I barely put any of this in my mouth and it was enough to make my whole mouth burn. I mean this is what I was expecting and I am happy about that. There is a lot of heat and pain and it stays in your mouth for a while. 8/10.

Time for the sauces. The first sauce we are looking at is the Red Reaper Hot Sauce. Now this is a sort of brownish red color. It definitely smells like very hot hot sauce. The taste in this is really good and I mean the spice is not too bad. I like this stuff. 9/10. It is hot but not too hot.

The last item is the Olympus Mon Lava Hot Sauce. Now this stuff does not look like fun to eat. The sauce is black. It is extremely dark. It has a good smell to it and it does not smell too spicy. Alright so this stuff is pretty spicy. I had a small little dab and wow was it hot! It's not like the hottest thing ever but it was really hot. It did have good taste though. 10/10.

If you want to get some products of your own from Volcanic Peppers, click this link and buy something.

Hope you all enjoyed and remember to check out my other posts under labels and if you want to send me something send it P.O. box 316 Templeton PA, 16259.

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