Top 5 Resident Evil Games

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5. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
This game was a good game but not one of the best compared to other Resident Evils. I am not saying it was bad, but it was to boring. I mean once you get half ways into the game it kind of dies down because it is just the same stuff over and over again and it just gets boring. The concept of the game is good and all and so is the fighting and action with the zombies is great. The zombies in this game are like what you would actually expect them to be. Now fighting the people in this game is way to hard and they get annoying fast. Finally the Lickers, these thing are a pain in the you know what to take down. In conclusion, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is a good and but the mechanics and fighting with the Lickers and the people, that just brings down the fun.

4. Resident Evil 6

This game was an amazing game and it is a lot of fun but its not one of the best. Here is why: even though the game was fun it was too easy and too short. They had three different campaigns on Resident Evil 6. They all go through the same lengthy timeline. The first one is Leon's campaign, his campaign is a lot of fun but again you just face the zombies over and over again plus this game takes away the worrying about ammo because you get a lot of it. Jake's campaign is tougher and takes more skill to get through it because most of his campaign you have to sneak through it. And finally for Chris's campaign, in this campaign you must go all out and face the worst enemies out of the three campaigns in Resident Evil 6. His campaign takes you through the toughest fights in this game.

3. Resident Evil 5

This Resident evil you play as Chris and his partner Sheva to investigate the threat in Kijuju, Africa. This game takes you through different areas where the enemies get harder and harder. This Resident Evil will leave you running out of ammo and running through most of the levels. This game is hard and fun also because you think you can shoot as you back away from the Majini? Think again, this game forces you to stop aim and shoot or knife. This game mad it to where you can't aim or shoot while moving along with all the other games before 6.

2. Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4 is a lot like 5 but harder. This game gives you less ammo to use which again makes you run through most of the game. And the only way to save your progress is to find a type writer, which appears once or twice throughout the levels or at the end of the chapter you can save so save often. You play as Leon Kennedy sent in to rescue the presidents daughter. You with have a lot of traps you will need to get out of, along with the many puzzles. Finally the bosses are extremely hard in this game. In conclusion, all though these factors may make the game hard, they also make it really fun at the same time.

1. Resident Evil Remastered in HD

So recently they remade the first Resident Evil in HD. This resident evil is the very first one and the best one out of all of them. This game has a ton of puzzles in it which make you look forever to find the pieces or clues. You only get a few items that you can carry which makes think what do you wanna and what do you wanna get rid of, or you can run the whole ways back through the level and store your items. This game has the normal zombies...or so you think. watch your back! This game is fun and if you're one for speed runs, try this game out, but just a warning it won't be easy.

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