Top 5 Free to Play Horror Games

Top 5 Free to Play Horror Games

5. Colina

Takes play in a house at the top of a hill where you are haunted by a ghost. This game has a lot of jump scares and a dark atmosphere. You can pick up notes but you can't really read them. Be-careful how long you use you flash light, for there are batteries. This game make you jump a lot. It relies one atmosphere and jump scares but does a good job of it. For a indie game it is pretty good.

4. Vanish

In Vanish, you get thrown into a sewage system or something like that by someone for something. I don't really know what it is but it's creepy and I didn't like it because it was dark. Also there is no flash light or weapons. Through out the sewer, you find notes, these notes give you clues to what happened to other people. Also you run into creatures that knock you out and drag you some where. The creatures are not real scary but the jump scares will get you. you can find the game here.

3. Haunt: The Real Slender Game

You may be thinking this game is like every other slender man but its not. In this game you have an actual story. You also have NPCs and difficulty settings. You play as a character who is in Green Park, Poland. You find the pages through out the park area telling you about Project Haunt. One of the people were burned inside a bunker and was left for dead, Mark Slender. The point is to get 13 pages, but watch behind you because there maybe someone chasing you. You must uncover the mystery of what happened.

2. SCP: Containment Breach

In this game you must play as D-9341 who is a test subject for and experiment gone wrong. Now you must escape from the different monsters. You don't get a weapon so you have to run and watch when you blink, because if you blink at the wrong time you're done for. You must get the different security cards to get through the doors. Oh and if you find a person, make sure you run away from them. You're on your own in this one.

1. Bunny Man

Bunny Man is based on the urban legend. In this game you must go through and rescue the souls that are all over the place. You have matches to light your way but use them sparingly or else you'll run out. You must play with headphones and in the pith black darkness to get full experience of this game because the game relies heavily on shadow and sound play. But watch out because before you know it you may become the next victim.

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