April 2015 Loot Crate!

Review for the April 2015 Loot Crate!

I know, It is like a few months late but I finally got around to it. These are some cool things from the Loot Crate.

Now the first item I am going to start with is a T-Shirt. It is the Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt.

It is a red cotton fashion tee with the cool D&D logo. This is something you will want to show off to your family and friends. It has a look like it is worn out but that is how it is suppose to look. I think they might have tried to make it look all scratched up or something I don't really know, if you know why leave a comment down below.

The Next Item is the pin

This is pin you get with the loot crate. It is a fantasy pin with a tower. It has sort of like an X for treasure, mountains and a river.

The next item is the Harry Potter Luggage Tag.

This is what Harry Potter uses on his luggage. It's not the actual one that he used but it is made to look like it. With this, when you go to the air port you will be the center of attention. You will have coming up to you asking: "Oh wow this is cool where did you get it?" and you'll be like it was a Loot Crate Exclusive. Everyone will be jealous of you now.

The next item is the inflatable Crown.

Whether you are a child or an adult you'll be itching to where this. If you ever wanted to be a king or queen, here is your chance. This is great for kids that like to pretend they are a king or queen. It also great because it won't really hurt them or anything.

Now for the RPG Exclusive Bow Tie

If you like standing out, then this if for you. Whether you're going a school dance or a job interview, this is the perfect thing to where. This bow tie is fun and at the same time it is fancy. If you're not one for dressing up but have no other choice, just throw this on and be on your way.

The Princess Bride Playing

If you are one for playing cards then this is for you. If you and your friends or family are bored, pull these out and play a card game. Or if you really want to look cool, do some really cool magic tricks with these. You'll be leaving everyone in amazement.

Game of Thrones USB and Magnets

The last two items in the Loot Crate are the flash drive and magnets. The flash drive is good for school work and office work. Take this flash drive anywhere and you'll be like the cool kids. The magnets are good for if you want to brighten up your fridge with something unique.

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